The Accelerating Leadership Academy

By Victory Strategies

  • Academic Research

    Rooted in scientific research from professors at Ivy League Institutions.

  • Actual Practitioners

    Learn from expert leadership practitioners that have led within the most elite communities in the world.

  • Action Oriented

    Interactive design, exercises, and action-items to accelerate leadership beyond the curriculum.

  • Masters Level Certificate of Completion

    Receive a masters level certificate of completion after completing the curriculum.

  • Engage

    Have the opportunity to engage, exchange, and interact with other curriculum participants and your instructors through live virtual deliveries, chat boxes, and discussion platforms.

  • Resource Library

    Gain exclusive access to leadership development resources used by our elite team to continue to accelerate your leadership.

Course Breakdown

Our curriculum is designed with the working professional in mind. Learn from elite leadership practitioners who have lived it, studied it, and now teach it.

  • 15-minute lessons allowing participants to accelerate leadership at their own pace.

  • 40+ leadership topics covered ensuring participants receive comprehensive and inclusive leadership development.

  • Interactive components that assist participants in taking the curriculum from what and why to how.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Accelerating Leadership Academy by Victory Strategies strikes the perfect balance between engaging content and a pace that catered to our needs. The instructors are not only insightful but also inspiring, providing our leadership team with practical tools and strategies that have been successfully implemented in daily operations. The real-world applicability of the skills learned during the academy is a testament to the thoughtfulness and relevance of the program curated by Victory Strategies. Victory Strategies supplies the essential training resources for any organization keen on revitalizing their leadership and driving genuine, impactful transformation.” – FBC Mortgage, LLC


  • Who is the Accelerating Leadership Academy built for?

    The Accelerating Leadership Academy is built for everyone. Our team believes everyone is a leader beginning with leading themselves. Beyond leading yourself, you are a leader within your family, your community, your organization, and any other teams you are apart of.

  • Do participants receive a certification upon completing the course?

    Yes. All participants will receive a Master's Level Certificate of Completion once they have completed Chapters one, two, and three of the Accelerating Leadership Academy.

  • Who are the instructors teaching the curriculum topics?

    Our team of instructors are some of the most elite leaders to exist throughout the world. These leaders have led in elite communities where leadership is continuously tested and improved. Your instructors are former US Navy and US Air Force Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) Graduates/Instructors, Navy SEALs, Fortune 500 Global Executives, High-Impact Entrepreneurs, Olympic Athletes, CIA Officers, and many more. They have all lived it, studied it, and now (fortunately for you) teach it.

  • Is there a discounted rate if our company wants to purchase licenses for our entire team?

    Yes. We appreciate organizational leaders who want to accelerate leadership within their organization. As we know, culture influences organizational performance and it begins with investing in your team's development. Please reach out to our team at "[email protected]" to receive more information on our academy rates for your organization.

  • How are the lessons formatted?

    The 40+ lessons included in the Accelerating Leadership Academy are inclusive of all of the topics essential for a leader. Each lesson is 15-minutes or less and includes an interactive lesson format that methodically progresses through the following: introduction, real-life example of lesson importance, debrief and analysis, action items and implementation methods, and reflective question for continuous development post-lesson.

  • Is there a military and/or first responder discount?

    Yes. We are an extremely grateful team and organization for your selfless service and family's sacrifice. Please email "[email protected]" to receive more information on our military and first-responder discount.

  • How is this curriculum innovative, interactive, and built for the 21st century learner?

    As practitioners ourselves, we know how defeating it can be to enter a leadership development and continuous education opportunity just to be met with something that is "click through" or quickly loses interest. That is why we built this curriculum for the 21st century learner. Each lesson is 15-minutes or less, interactive, engaging, and delivered from real-life elite leadership practitioners who are sharing teachings based on experience and research.

  • Is it all self-paced or is there live segments within this curriculum?

    Both. The Accelerating Leadership Academy is self-paced and has scheduled interactive live-webinars delivered by our team of elite leadership practitioners on a regular basis. The interactive live-webinars will be on current and relevant leadership topics.

  • Is there Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility learnings?

    Yes. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility lessons, considerations, and awarenesses are essential for all learners. The Accelerating Leadership Academy covers many lessons pertaining to DEI & A considerations and trainings for leaders.

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A leadership development curriculum designed for the 21st Century leader.